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Borrowing Without Permission

Just a quick reminder, all of my images are copyrighted.  Examples of "borrowing without permission" include but are not limited to:  attempting to do a right click to copy and paste (by the way, you can't do that on this site), taking a cell phone picture of one of my images and then posting to your page (looks very bad and cheap anyway), doing a "copy page" and "print" (don't see this very often anymore as it's outdated) and/or the most recent one - copying the link to your gallery or images and posting it on social media (seems harmless enough, but if the images are good enough for you to share with your friends, family and other internet stalkers and hackers, then they should be good enough to purchase).  Any copying, pasting or anything else with the intent to brag, sale or print without permission of Laura Tatum-Cowen, owner of Performance Horse Photography, is considered "borrowing without permission" otherwise widely known as stealing. It's also a way to incur some pretty hefty legal expenses that none of us really want to be responsible for; $10,000 in legal fees compared to a $25 social media image, really?

And if that doesn't make you stop and think, maybe this will.....  I have my own animals; 3.25 horses that mean the world to me, 4 very active dogs one of which likes to bite people who are mean to me, and a pot belly pig who enjoys challenging people who come over to visit and eating fruits and veggies which cost a fortune.  The photos you are looking at and considering "borrowing" is how I feed these animals.  And if my animals are not fed and happy, then I'm very unhappy.  And if I'm very unhappy, then my prices go up which really isn't fair to my friends and nice people which makes them unhappy.  I think you can see the vicious circle here and none of us want to make anyone else unhappy. 

Now that you have read all that legal "stuff" - lets go look at pictures!! 


"When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.

I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul."

-Anthony Douglas Williams


Welcome to Performance Horse Photography!

If you have any questions or special requests, please let me know.

Thank you,