Who Was The Photographer?

Monday, July 09, 2018



I was forwarded a story from a friend on Facebook from The Back Tack the other day and thought I'd share it with you.  As a competitor I know what it's like to lose a special horse and want to go back through all the images ever taken.  As a friend of so many of you with horses; I know what it's like to want that one special image.  As a photographer, I know what it's like to struggle at some events with either lack of sales, people borrowing without permission, or other instances when a stranger shows up with their iPad, cell phone or other "modern" technology.  I've had moments when I've thought that photography is a dying art form, and then I remember why I do it. 


The Back Tack - Thought of the Day -

After almost every barrel race/rodeo I see the question, "Who was the photographer?"

This goes to show how much everyone wants to see pictures of their run.  Many times people don't buy pictures.  Sometimes they just screen shot it and post it or they choose to wait for a better picture.

Keep this in mind:

Many may justify stealing photos by saying it's too expensive or choose not to buy because their hands weren't perfect.

One day you will win a barrel race and there will be no photographer there to capture your special moment.  Why?  Because they are tired of having proofs stolen, screen shotted and posted.  They are tired of supporting you and supplying photos which can tell you what your doing wrong while you fail to support them.

If you feel it's good enough to screen shot it, BUY it!!  I know we spend a lot of money to attend races and we don't always win any back.  Just do yourself and the photographers a favor - buy a picture every now and then even if your not perfect.

One day you might loose that horse and wish you had more photos even though they were not perfect. 

One day you might win the race and there will be no one to capture one of your favorite moments of your career.