National Versatility Ranch Horse Association Finals - Kiowa, CO

Monday, September 25, 2017

I keep forgetting about the blog option I have here on the website; need to remind myself about this from time to time.  This was the first time I was invited to shoot this event and boy was it fun!  Thank you Annie for reaching out and inviting me.  Latigo's Arena down in Kiowa is a gorgeous facility and has amazing food.  And a bar which some of my friends really enjoyed!  This was a great show with people coming as far away as WI.  The banquet was a blast; the work they have done raising money for veterans and the things they do for them is heart touching.  And the auctioneers who helped auction off some donations afterwards made the night even more fun with their great sense of humor and fast pace!  I hope I get to do this event again and it was wonderful meeting so many new people.